Seashell Pencil Holder Craft

Wondering what to do with all of the beautiful seashells you and your children collect during summer vacation at the beach?  Do a fun craft with the kids and create a seashell pencil holder. This seashell pencil holder is a fun yet extremely simple craft using a tin can and air drying clay. This pencil holder makes a great gift for teachers when kids return from summer vacation.

576 Photo by Seashell Craft IdeasMaterials

  • 1 tomato sauce can
  • Air-drying Clay
  • Seashells


Thoroughly wash and dry the tomato sauce can.  Take the clay (about 3/8 inch thick) and wrap it around the can. Press the seashells into the wet clay. Allow to dry completely.

 Tip: Air drying clay is craft clay that becomes a hard solid when allowed to air dry. Crayola makes a great air drying clay which is a natural white earth clay.

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