How to Stock Your Summer First Aide Kit

You may have a first aide kit with all the basics: bandages, Band-aides, anti-bacterial ointment and alcohol wipes. But, in the summer, you'll need to have a few warm-weather essentials on hand. 


Here’s what to add to your first-aide kit this summer:

Anti-itch Spray or Ointment

Summer bug bites and itchy rashes can get you down when you least expect it. Keep an anti-itch spray or ointment in your first aide kit to attack an itch whenever it happens.

A Pair of Tweezers

Be ready for slivers and tick bites with a pair of tweezers in your first aide kit. Include instructions on how to remove ticks if you are unfamiliar with the technique.

Sunburn Relief

Minor sunburns can be relieved quickly when you have sunburn relief in your first-aide kit. Cooling Aloe Vera gel, Solarcaine burn-relief spray or a bottle of white vinegar, depending on your sunburn relief preferences, could all make a useful appearance in your summer first-aide kit. If possible, try to find aloe-vera gel that is 100 percent aloe vera. The common bright blue or green colored aloe vera contains alcohol and not all that much of the soothing ingredient, which can dry skin.

Extra Ice Packs

Instant ice packs should be a part of your first-aide kit anyway, but you may want to stock a few extra in the summer months. Families that are more active in the summer may have more bumps and bruises, thus a greater need for ice packs.

Allergy Meds

If allergies are a problem for your family in warm weather, be sure to include allergy medicine in your summer first-aide kit. You don’t want to be caught without it when you are away from home.


Keep an extra bottle of sunscreen in your first-aide kit for those times when you’re caught outside longer then expected on a sunny day.

Calamine Lotion

You never know when poison oak or poison ivy is going to strike. As much as we try to keep children away from the poison plants, the oils can be transferred from dogs and cats that may have been in contact or possibly other children.


If your child or children who will be around you in the summer months has allergies, particularly to bees, then it is a good idea to have an epi-pen in your first-aide kit to prevent a possibly disastrous situation.

Adding a few extras to your first-aide kit in the summer will help you be prepared for warm-weather mishaps. Don’t forget to keep a first-aide kit in your car, as well as your home.

About the Author
Barb Hacker is a mom to three boys and a freelance writer.