Summer Vacation Writing Prompts for School Age Children


Writing prompts are a great way to promote literacy and develop writing and critical thinking skills.  When children return from summer vacation, implement writing activities with topics relating to summer. The following summer vacation writing prompts and literacy activities will allow school age children to practice writing as well as examine social and emotional concepts.

Before Summer Vacation:

Write about your goals for the summer.

This summer, my family is going to _________

This summer I’m going to try something new. Here is what I’m going to do _____. I think it will be______.

After Summer Vacation

My summer was excellent because ______.

What books did you read over the summer and what was your favorite? Why?

During summer vacation, I tried something new .It turned out_______.  Here's what I did: 

Before or after Summer vacation

What is the best thing about summer?

How would you feel if there were no more summer vacations?

Write a summer vacation acrostic using the word SUMMER, VACATION, BEACH, or SUNSHINE.

Assign children to read one of the following summer vacation books and write a book report. The book report should include the title, author, the setting, a description of the main characters (if applicable), and a summary of the book.

  • Kimo's Summer Vacation by Kerry Germain and Keoni Montes 
  • What I Did on My Hypergalactic Interstellar Summer Vacation by Adam Beechen and Dan Hipp
  • Baby-Sitter's Summer Vacation (Baby-Sitters Club Super Special, 2) by Ann M. Martin
  • Lenny and Mel's Summer Vacation (Ready-for-Chapters) by Erik P. Kraft
  • Amelia's Itchy-Twitchy, Lovey-Dovey Summer at Camp Mosquito by Marissa Moss
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